Raising Kundalini: Raising heaven or raising hell?

kundalini shaktiKundalini. The buzz word in tantric circles.

Kundalini refers to a powerful life force energy that awakens from the root of the spine, can rise to the crown of the head and above, and animates a person into an embodiment of the divine creativity. Because of its profound manifestation of the divine, the ancient tantriks actually worshipped this energy as a living goddess. They called Her: Kundalini Shakti Ma.

In modern-day tantric circles there is plenty of kundalini activated; but there is plenty of misunderstanding and misuse too. Sadly the reverence of worshipping the energy as a living goddess is often replaced by party tricks, power manipulations and even traumatising experiences.

Shaking or Shuddering?

Because the energy can be strong, it is known to shake the body when it rises. However, counter to common assumption, it is not meant to be a harsh jerky movement. If the movement is more like jolting or looks like an epileptic fit, then this is a sign that the energy channels have not been properly prepared first (with yoga, qigong, breathwork etc) and can actually disturb the nervous system (not to mention disturbing everyone else in the vicinity).

Tantric master, Daniel Odier, who was initiated by a genuine Kashmiri tentrika in the jungles on India, frequently warns his students to be wary of such jerky energetic movements. Daniel teaches the “Tandava”, a freely flowing movement/dance that invite energy to flow through a deep surrender to a higher consciousness.

So take up a free energy flow practice such as the Tandava, tantric yoga or qigong, and if you feel energy jerking then take deep breaths and stretch your body to try to allow a smoother energy flow.

Tantra or Trauma?

As kundalini rises it has the ability to transform contraction in our body into expansion; for example transforming the contraction of fear into an expansion of energy and aliveness. It has a healing power and also an awakening potential. If the energy rises all the way to the crown and above, then the person can experience higher states of consciousness and profound states of meditation. This is why Kundalini is so sought after in ancient tantric practices.

However, when energy is raised either too fast for the recipient to handle OR in a space that is not safe, then the result can be more traumatic than transcendent.

Symptoms such as people flailing around on the ground having a fit, overwhelming emotional release, excessive fear and confusion, heat in the head or headaches, and even going crazy are the common signs of an unhealthy kundalini rising. Healthy energy rising should look like  beautiful dance (“Tandava” means “the dance of Shiva” or “the dance of God”) or a body animated by life force energy. If it looks more like a demon exorcism, then there is most likely a lack of preparation, a forced rising or a badly-held space.

Jerky movements are often compared to water going through a kinked hosepipe. Your energy channels may also be kinked, but there are many ancient yogic practices and qigong forms that can gently unkink the pipes! Using breath is the most common preparation…before activating large amounts of strong energy, the practitioner opens the channels with breath. First breath; later energy. Stretching the body is also an ideal way to open up kinked channels. it’s all quite simple when you think about it!

Raising Heaven or Raising Hell?

Shakti needs Shiva to hold Her. What does that mean? It means that awareness and presence (Shiva) are needed to hold a space for energy that activates (Shakti). Ancient tantriks would meditate and use carefully designed rituals to hold space for raising energy. Without enough consciousness, too much energy can create overwhelm, or even chaos and trauma.

Think of Shakti like a liquid and Shiva as the container. If the pot is too small, then the fluid will pour out everywhere. It creates a mess and all of the potency is lost. If a practitioner forces energy to rise, or if someone creates a group energy experience that does not have enough space-holding, then the energy can create havoc, leaving people confused and unable to integrate. Old traumas and negative emotions can arise and people can start feeling crazy. It is far from enlightening.

Ancient Tantriks discovered that if consciousness is made strong enough by meditation, then Shakti will automatically arise into the presence of that consciousness. This is completely different from an ego trying to make something happen, or trying to move energy through will and force. The difference between creating heaven or hell can be traced back to this: are you coming from consciousness or from ego? Ego is the unhealthy masculine (in all of us) and awareness is the divine masculine. Correspondingly, chaos is the unhealthy feminine (in all of us) and pure energy is the divine feminine.

Power Manipulation

The shadow side of Tantra is manipulation of energy in place of worship of Her living presence. The shadow is when the ego-self runs the show. There is a whole strand of “black tantra” in India where some Aghoric tantric babas plague on prostitutes to steal their energy, and even the horror of beheading women to capture their energy for person use. This energy is usually used for black magic and personal power. It is a sad and extreme example of serious violation and abuse of the feminine.

In Western Tantra, though such despicable events do not happen, there is still sadly some abuse and misuse of energy going on. The ego loves to have a sense of power and control over life, and to control energy can be a tempting power trip for many a modern-day tantric. There are some schools that violently push the energy to rise in other people, forcing pressure into their bodies or assuming power over them to get their energy to move. There are others who delight in being seen waving their hands over another’s body to get their energy to move. Are they serving the person’s awakening, or are they serving their own image as a great master who can move energy?

Kundalini is not a party game.

She is a living Goddess.

How can we awaken Kundalini with respect?

  1. Stay connected to the higher purpose of awakening; we are raising energy to elevate consciousness (not to boost our egos!).
  2. Are you humble or proud? Simple question to check in on yourself. If you are a tantra facilitator or practitioner, ask yourself are you being humble and devotional towards your practice, or do you want to impress others by moving a lot of energy?
  3. Learn the practices. There are plenty of great kundalini practices and breathwork to ensure an effective kundalini awakening. Don’t be tempted to short cut to the dramatic stuff before you have learned the foundations.
  4. Start to think of energy as a living embodiment of divinity, or as the Goddess (in a man or a woman’s body) and treat this energy with the respect that this calls for. Watch all your old conditioning about owning, controlling and possessing the feminine (energy/women/money/power). Tantra invites you to to worship instead of trying to possess. Have gratitude rather than greed.
  5. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. It is Shiva that holds space for Shakti…or in other words it is awareness that holds energy. when we raise more energy than the awareness can hold, then everything from overwhelm to complete chaos can arise.
  6. If you are raising energy (through dance, shaking, tantric lovemaking, energywork etc), then create a sacred space. There are many great tantric and shamanic ways to make a space feel really safe and well-held. Ideally, a space should be opened, held and then closed.
  7. Get consent. You don’t always need a verbal agreement to raise energy…after all, many of the people we meet on the dancefloor we raise energy together. But for Goddess’ sake, make sure the other person is connected with you and open to you. If there isn’t a sense of mutuality, then there is most likely a power game.
  8. Be devotional. Worshipping Kundalini Ma is not just about lighting candles under a picture of the Goddess. Worshipping Kundalini Ma comes from a deep reverence for life. Go for a walk in nature and notice how much energy is flowing there compared to in the concrete pavements. Once you start to see that this is the source of your life and your joy, devotion naturally arises in your heart. Notice how beautiful energy is when it flows in other people. If your beloved is in orgasm, worship that lifeforce coursing through their body! Jai Ma! (“Jai Ma” is a a term used to worship the flow of energy as a living Goddess)


Thank you for wanting to understand the mysteries of life, of sex, of energy. We may all get misguided upon our path now and again, but may we seek out the highest guidance to enable us to awaken without harm to ourselves or others. When you find good wisdom, share it with others. Let’s all learn to raise energy and consciousness in harmony.

awakening kudalini

I am currently reading “Awakening Kundalini” by Lawrence Edwards and LOVING IT! This is one of those books I just cannot put down (luckily I have my kindle with me at all times!).

So if you are interested in Kundalini, then I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this book. Unlike many of the old Indian style writings I have come across in the past, this one is very accessible and informative.

Claiming the joy of a tantric lifestyle

(taken from a post I made on Facebook…it got so many likes and comments that I thought I would repost it here)

es vedra guitar sunsetI have a very enjoyable life.

It’s not because I’ve got lots of money. It’s not because someone gave me all I need. No one sponsored my life, no one gave me this lifestyle. I didn’t win the lottery. Nor did some man come along and give me everlasting love.

I chose it.

I choose it.

I choose to wake up and breathe into my heart (the source of the joy). I choose to find peace each morning to start my day from there. I wake up and read something inspiring from my kindle, I wake up and stretch/dance/shake until I feel the embodiment of joy. If I’m feeling heavy emotions I pick up my guitar and sing. I sing until I find the sweetness inside the pain or until I’m uplifted on the wings of divine vibration. I choose always to find the highest frequency available.

I choose to spend my time immersed in Mama Nature. I choose places of beauty and high vibrations. I choose to walk on the earth and sit on the clifftops.

The one I was waiting for to save me came. But not as a lover or as a sponsor or as a benefactor. He came as love. Pure loving presence. Consciousness. That which holds us. That which sources us. That which is within us. This was my salvation, and yours too if you choose.

Do not be jealous of those who seem to be living in great joy….they were not given anything that you cannot have. It is yours too. It is unlimited. It is true of all beings and not limited by any circumstance. It is available. Prayer is great way to ask for it. Meditation is a great way to receive it. Song is a great way to express it. Claim joy…It is your birthright.

Could Orgasmic Energy cure Diseases?

We always think of orgasm bringing us pleasure, and many cultures are trained to think of pleasure as something we should feel guilty about. We are often cultured to think of pleasure as selfish, indulgent and serving little purpose other than serving the one feeling it. Thus we may avoid pleasure, make excuses when we are receiving it (as if we had to justify choosing pleasure) or make ourselves unconscious to enter pleasure, such as getting drunk first.

But in Tantra, especially in the paths of Shakta Tantra that work with energy, as the practitioner opens up pathways of full body orgasm they discover that this brings a lot more than only pleasure.

orgasmic light burst

Now let’s just talk a bit about full body orgasm and what it means. Full body orgasm describes when the practitioner can open up to allow vast waves of energy flow throughout their body. This in contrast to the way we tend to be taught orgasm through mainstream media. “Mainstream orgasm” is about meeting the energy with contraction of muscles, eventually resulting in pushing the energy back out of the body again (known as “coming”, although actually the energy is going!)

When the energy rises up through the body instead of being pushed out to the earth, this is called “sublimation” as the heavier dense sexual energy becomes light and sublime. It can take people into states of bliss or spontaneous meditation. This full body orgasm doesn’t even require sex…some practitioners learn this independently of sexual union, whereas others choose to experience it through sex. It can be induced very powerfully through certain breathing and moving techniques, shaking and energy massage.

Now although this can be a very pleasurable experience, for some they experience it beyond even the distinction of pleasure or pain. For some it is just pure intensity…a huge rush of lifeforce energy that is so strong that it overwhelms the small self or ego self. This experience can bring the recipient to tears of joy and relief. A shuddering of release of old holding patterns that were holding them small, keeping them feeling trapped in their own life.

So beyond pleasure comes the phenomenon of healing.

I have experienced and also facilitated so many full body energy orgasmic experiences, in individuals and groups. In my own experience, as the energy rises there is such a sense of coming home. There is the relief from being blocked or held back. There is the tremendous sense of opening up. There is a full-body YES; an undeniable affirmative that has no opposition. There is a remembering…oh yes, this is who I am!

fire burn I have come to think that Tantric energy work is bringing us to our soul self, releasing us from being trapped inside an egoic karmic reality. The small self is like a suit that is way too small for the vastness of our soul. It often clings so tight that is stops the soul’s light from shining through. Deep within, we all know that we are this bright light soul. Deep within we know we are vast. Not the grandness of an inflated ego, but the grandness of being part of this one Great Universal Power. Energy Orgasm takes us home. Energy orgasm shatters off the old restrictive suit of small self. Energy orgasm burns away old karmic patterns. Energy Orgasm makes more space for the soul to shine!

What happens when we live too long in the reality of the small self? We may get sick. Sickness is a physical manifestation of living in the restriction. A manifestation of energy blocks. It is the manifestation of living a self that is not our true self. The trouble is, we can’t think our way into health or truth…we need to heal our way! There are attachments and restrictions that have been passed on for generations and lifetimes…so long that we don’t know how it feels to live without them. We don’t know who we are without them. We have fear of not having the familiarity of them. How can we be released?

Energy orgasm releases us. It can be quite frightening to experience the lifeforce energy rising though us. This is why in tantra the practitioner is guided step by step in the process.

I remember being a demo by a teacher for the tantric ritual called “Nyasa”. It was one in which the divine feminine energy was activated in my body through the mantras and energy guidance of the teacher. As the energy entered me I felt terrified…it was as if I was naked to my core. I felt like I was surrendering to this huge energy that was killing me (small self) as it came through; calling for a deep surrender of personal self to a greater, vaster existence. The pleasurable waves were so much stronger than “me” and I died to them whilst being witnessed by the man who was facilitating it. I recognised in this moment that to allow ourselves to become completely transparent to divine energy is awesome and terrifying and powerful beyond belief. We all long for it…but we are we really ready for it?!

But every time I do surrender to it, I feel a huge healing in my body. I feel my body come back to resonance with my true self and soul’s light. Marianne Williamson teaches from the Course in Miracles that sickness comes from separation from God, from the Universe. I’d like to suggest that energy orgasm brings us back home to union with the Universe once more.

It has got me thinking that possibly energy orgasm could heal a lot of suffering and sickness, if not all. Certainly as I witness month-long retreats that I conduct every year I see before my eyes such massive shifts in health, wellbeing and radiance. It is undeniable.

There is an ashram I visit in Bali where all you do is shake. Six hours a day. The guru there gives people extra blasts of energy (sometimes called “shaktipat”). I have met people who have cured hepatitis, cancer, diabetes and even HIV. They allow the energy to run through their system. They go through a LOT of healing crisis and purification symptoms, but if they persist then they frequently experience a life changing healing.

I will never forget some of the spontaneous healings that I witnessed in that ashram, such as the crippled woman who fell on the floor writhing and laughing as energy shook through her from the guru’s blessing. It looked as if she hadn’t orgasmed for years, but in that moment all her patterns of pain and suffering shook off her onto the floor in ecstasy, and then she jumped up and walked off without her crutches… a huge smile on her face and laughter as her only words.

break chains I would love it if someone conducted some studies to find out what can be healed by energy orgasm. Imagine if we could heal sicknesses by allowing the life force to flow through us orgasmically. When you orgasm you cannot hold onto your attachment to suffering anymore. Sure, you could re-attach to it again afterwards. But once you have glimpsed your own freedom, why would you want to put the chains back on again?

Shashi Solluna runs teacher trainings specialising in awakening the energy body and circulating energy through channels (merdians/ nadis) to heal the connections between sex, love and spirit and to accelerate our spiritual evolution.


To read more about the energetic flow of sexual chi click here.

How it feels when my energy body becomes activated

lightbodyactivationI’m having some sort of epic kundalini activation…it kept me awake many hours! (The die-hard optimist in me is hoping that all of my strange blood circulation symptoms this past month were just a part of this re-calibration!)

I feel energy surging into the bottom of my feet…even when I’m lying down, I’m being penetrated by the Earth Shakti in pulses of ecstatic life force!
 It’s shimmering up my legs and my thighs…oh my thighs…the backs of my thighs. The flesh here is shimmering in blissful aliveness, turned on by the very act of being alive.
It’s cascades up my thighs and into my buttock flesh and whoever is responsible for telling women to model themselves on anorexic models made of flesh-starved bones must be part of the anti-ecstatic conspiracy…because flesh, or rather the Shakti in the flesh is Divine incarnate!
My sacrum is humming so hard that I swear if you put your ear to it you’d hear music! It’s channelling into the tailbone and pouring up the spine in floods of hot liquid molten gold. It’s like angelic volcano lava flowing against gravity…I can’t explain it any other way! It’s just wow.
The sacred curve from bottom crease to clitoris is so activated that it’s bathed in sexual energy. Not a sexual energy that needs anything (not even sex!) but a completely fulfilled sexual energy. And it all pours inwards into my sacred temple within and merged into the womb space where some kind of spiritual union with all that is seems to be happening.
And my yoni wants to take in the world. As if sucking up a cherry off a plate, she feels like sucking the whole globe inside her! The whole green and blue ball! It must be some deep yearning to make love to the earth; to merge with the whole world. Energy rising up from the earth and passion flowing down to the earth.
And my whole body shimmers in this electric ecstasy. My belly, my beloved belly that I, like so many of my sisters, have wasted countless moments disliking and wishing it gone, and yet as energy moves through my body, my belly is a whirlpool of delicate bliss. A deep surging of pure freedom and creative expression is sourced right here. My passion stirs here. Why oh why are so so taught to reject our dear bodies when they are actually the fabric of divine force?
And let’s not forget the heart. As energy surges upwards, it pulses into my heart in heat waves of tangible love. Relentless love. Reasonless love. Love for the pure sake of love.
And here it crystallises into the sacred geometry light structures of my breasts. Love is pouring into them; through them. My breasts are the part of me where I most feel the light matrix of my energy body. There are spirals of geometrical multi dimensional light structures vibrating with the sound of pure love.
I love my breasts. When they are activated with energy, I can see them like an Alex Grey painting. All those hours of breast massage are paying off (though they paid off at the time!). I love it when lovers see beyond the physical structure and can feel and sense this incredible light matrix…because then we are going into the pure love, moving real love, making real love. (Guys, please sensitise yourselves to energy, to Shakti…you don’t know what you’re missing and we can’t even begin until we can meet there!!! Thank you! It’s a win-win situation, I promise!)
And I lie for hours through the full moon night just watching energy pour as love through these breast light structures. It’s really the most beautiful thing. And in this moment I wish for all beings to experience this…to just know that they are made of pure love. To know that it’s not limited by shape or size or any other kind if physical limitation…you are made of pure love. It is God manifesting as light that creates pure love….you are that! What a miracle!
And my whole body from toe tips to crown is gently shimmering. It’s like a super slow-motion orgasm…so slow it’s not like it’s moving through, it’s just being within. Every in-breath is an ecstatic birth; every exhale a complete surrendered let go. The reality of life is right there, right in front of us all along. We are it.
shashi lightAnd in gratitude to this stunning transformation. I feel the cocoon of old cracking away as the new vibration of light emerges through. I’m watching my own rebirth. It’s a miracle. Surges of passion and desire that were once locked up inside frustration are finally emerging as new life! Let us always remember that out frustration is only the pressure of pushing up against the inside if an egg shell until there’s enough pressure to crack it away. Frustration is our own light trying to awaken!
And I’m lying in bed in ecstasy as if making love to all that is, but in total peace and tranquility. Gratitude gratitude gratitude. Jai Shakti Ma!

I should just contextualise that I have just spent one week doing Taoist Sexual Arts, which includes a lot of shaking, qigong, energy healing, meditation and other forms of energy activation! Together with 27 other women in a location in lush nature, we are returning to our deep connection to Mother Earth, offering our practices to Highest Consciousness.

Join me on teacher trainings for women to awaken the energy body and align our sexuality, love and spirit and share that with the world on our mission of love.

Are you Falling in Love in your Tantra Workshop?

love yab yumIt is easy to fall in love in the Tantra world.

Several times a day.

Being caressed by a deeply present person. Eye gazing for endless minutes.Sitting in yab-yum with your bodies pressed up close feeling every breath.  Moving energy together, waves of bliss and ecstasy with a stranger before you, who could just be the next love of your life…

But is it real?

Or is it all just an oxytocin-induced delusion? Will it all fall apart the moment you set outside of your safe and held space? Without the guidance of your Tantra facilitator, will your hearts still open as wide or will those old defence mechanisms of a life time set in once more? Are you just seeing the other with a delusional rose-tinted third eye?

They say that “love is blind” but I think it would be more accurate to say that “desire is blind”. Love sees all and accepts everything, warts and all. Desire projects all of our unmet needs onto the first person who gives us five minutes of completely present time, even if they are only doing so because the teacher told them to.

I have noticed that when I am feeling depleted in my life, I tend to generate more needs within myself. I usually need just a cuddle or a walk in the woods. But if I don’t give myself love and rest and care, then it starts to build up inside of me. It’s like a desire-bomb, just ready to explode onto the first man masquerading as Shiva before me.

Now we are all innocent and our desires are innocent, but we just need to know that they can generate an awful lot of projections. “He’s the one!”, “We are made for each other!”, “This could be my soul mate!”,”This is it!”.

I love the feeling of “This is it!”, but these days I try to hold space for the feeling and stay present within it, without being tempted to attribute the feeling to the person sat before me. They may have been the catalyst, but the alchemy is the flow of energy within me. Instead of saying “You’re the one!”, I am wiser to say “Thank you for facilitating my return to love within myself”.

I was at an epic breathwork session for 450 people in Bali last week, and the facilitators led it as an eye gazing partnered session. It is one of those situations, as you breath and start to feel ecstasy and some gorgeous person happens to be sat before you also breathing into bliss…easy for the mind to jump in and start planning the wedding invites…

And Christabel Zamor, one of the facilitators said something like:

“See what is your capacity for intimacy before your mind starts to come in with a story.”

Great line! Thank you Christabel! Yes indeed…what is our capacity for intimacy? And is the story actually just the result of our fear of being so wide open with nothing to hold onto? Is the story just a way to make an expansive experience feel safe? Is our story actually gripping onto and blocking our direct experience with God…with the vastness and awesome power of this moment?

Another quote, one of the breathwork support team that day was my dear friend and co-teacher Kiya Shanti, and whilst discussing this topic he said:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.04.46

I have wise friends!

Yes indeed. It is not that we need to dismiss all of these expansive tantric experiences as false and avoid them. It is that we need to bring a new awareness to them. Our old fairytale conditioning does not serve our meeting with Truth. It never did. But because we have kept a lot of desires bottled up in the name of being cool, or laid to rest after one too many broken hearts, or simply sidelined as we head off on our busy careers…we have to know that there is still some life in there, inside of us, waiting to be lived! With all of our wondrous options of Tantra and Breathwork and Ecstatic Dance, that life is ready to be liberated…just what are we going to do with it as that energy starts rising?

Classical Tantra has a wonderful solution. It is called “consecration”. This means dedicating the energy that flows through us to the Highest Truth or to the Divine Love or to God or to Great Spirit. Classically we would say we offer it to Shiva, which is the Highest Consciousness….we offer Shakti, our life force energy to Shiva, like two lovers uniting.

This way, rather than pour all of that energy that is rising onto a random stranger in a workshop…we pour it into a full-body prayer. We offer it as gratitude, as prayer, as devotion. We use the experience to return to God, to come home to Love.

Of course, it may turn out that you find a partner to share this prayer with and together you choose to continue this sharing out beyond the workshop walls. But that is a choice, a commitment and a dedication. If we have offered our energy to the Universe first, then we can come full and overflowing to one another, instead of grasping the illusions of your own projections. Living in total alignment yourself, there is far more chance of happy ever after…for even when the partner moves on, the love remains. The love is who you are.

breath of bliss

Breath of Bliss led by Cristabel Zamor


Shashi Solluna

Want to learn with me? I lead trainings and courses in holding space for Taoist and Tantric meditations and healing. We learn not only the methods, but also the art of holding space and leading others home to love.

Teacher Trainings in Tao Tantra: www.taotantricarts.com

Blog of many great Tantra teachers: www.livetantra.com

My own site: www.sollunatantra.com

How can tantric orgasm help you stay young?

agingWhen I first entered Tantra I was 23 years young, and I  must admit that I was not so concerned about longevity. Now, as I embrace entering my 40s (how did that happen?!) I am grateful to be practicing techniques that bring me a constant flow of life force energy and vitality. I feel more alive and youthful every year, yet with a wisdom that only time and experience can bring. A potent combination!

Tantra, and most especially Tao Tantra the branch of sexual energy healing from ancient China, has many secrets to offer around longevity and vitality. And the great news is, it’s not just about adding a few more years onto your life-clock…it is about upping the levels of aliveness right here and now, restoring your energy to a quality and quantity that you enjoyed in your youthful years, as well as developing a connection to the immortal part of our being!

How can that be possible?

Have you ever heard that sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll can age you? Well, indeed Tao Tantra would agree that normally these activities will drain your battery reserves of life-force energy (thought to be stored in the kidneys/ adrenals). It is all to do with the stimulation: the more stimulating something is, the more life force energy it burns out.

Unless you learn the secrets of inner alchemy.

With mastery of these practices, we can enter stimulating activity without burning up our reserves, and in fact you can use the energy from these experiences to build more reserves, more vitality and more lifeforce.

Sound good?

So what exactly is this alchemy and how do we master it?

The alchemy is based on the law of yin and yang, the fusion of opposites. In the case of stimulation, the secret is to bring the opposite quality to meet it: relaxation. Usually we habitually contract around stimulation, which can have the effect of enhancing the feeling, but also creates stress and tension.

Now these energetic laws apply whether we are sitting on a roller-coaster, running an exhilarating business, or experiencing an orgasm…but as Tao Tantra uses Orgasm as a way to learn these arts, I will use this as the example.

Often as people feel sexually stimulated, they contract their muscles in response. This creates a local build-up of sexual sensation, but eventually the body cannot hold it anymore, and it is released in an explosive orgasm, also known as a tension-release orgasm.

This can feel like a great relief, but at the cost of your energy reserves and vitality. Especially for men who ejaculate with this release…then there is a physical loss as well as the energetic loss. When we are adolescent we can have more of this kind of orgasm without noticing detrimental effect as we have large reserves to draw upon. But as people age, they begin to notice that sex can drain them and leave them feeling empty.

yellow-emperor-ch2in1The Tao Tantric secrets were taught many centuries ago to the Yellow Emperor by his three wise courtesans, who gave him the means by which to gain the energy required to run a kingdom. Sexual energy, when harnessed, can actually build power and help us to complete our life purpose and offer our creativity to the world. After all, sexual energy is creative energy. You can create a child with it, or you can channel it towards your creative projects in the world.

Tao Tantra teaches full body orgasms, and the way to reach there is by meeting sexual energy with a meditative relaxation and presence. One expands to meet this energy rather than contracting. At first this feels very counter-intuitive to those who are used to contracting, but after a while you can begin to experience huge flows of tremendous energy throughout the whole body. Orgasm starts to energize you instead of draining you.

The switch from one to the other does not happen overnight. In fact Tao Tantra offers a full spectrum of practices to be performed to prepare the body, open the energy channels and purify old stuck energy before experiencing full body orgasm. In fact it can sometimes be harmful or overwhelming to raise strong energy without preparing the body first.

So one aspect of gaining vitality and youthful qualities is in developing the full-body orgasm. The other part of the arts that is related to longevity is known as the “Core Channel”…this is the more spiritual aspect, and is related to discovering our immortal Self.

core channel

painting by Alex Grey

In Tao Tantric Arts, the energy which is moved is eventually drawn into the core channel, which is like a hollow tube between the perineum and the crown of the head. This channel is sometimes called “the immortal body” and is said to connect us to our true nature, the light that is the source of our whole existence. It is God within. It is a core of pure presence. Being God-Consciousness, it is immortal. It is the unchanging part within us, in an ever-changing universe. It is known to the be source of true peace.

By drawing all energy back to the core time and time again, we begin to draw energy inwards instead of just sending it outwards on our external life. This is why it is encouraged to meditate after love-making or other peak experiences, allowing for integration of energy into the core. In this way, we do not spend all of our lifeforce energy in external experiences, but begin to use energy to cultivate a deep core of pure presence.

This core builds over time, and begins to offer practitioners a new identity. Rather than being only identified with external experiences and personality, the practitioner starts to experience a deep core of eternal peace. This is known as one’s “true nature”, or “the Tao”. As it builds we become less reactive to external circumstances and more deeply rooted in a peace that cannot be disturbed.

This true nature is immortality itself. It is the part of us that is true to all beings. It is transpersonal. It is source, the source of all life. It often feels like a light within, though it is also beyond the duality of light and dark.

Once we have awakened the core, we can then choose to create from the core rather than from personal reactive energy. It is called “source-creation” and many spiritual arts are based on how to sing, dance, speak or act from this true core. When we can make that alignment, then action becomes effortless and our creation is in alignment with divine creation. The Taoists call it “The art of effortless unfolding”. If you can create from the Source, then you will no longer burn up your own life force energy and will find you are living in peace, gentleness and effortless creativity. You will have endless energy as life’s energy flows directly through you and into the world. In it’s perfection, it is the end of all stress!

So all of this from Tantric Orgasm! As you can see, it is not just about having more pleasure, but it is about facilitating a powerful spiritual shift that can change the whole way that you live your life. It is of course not that your body will never die, but that hopefully by the time you are on your deathbed, you are so much aligned to your core true self that letting go of the transient personal self becomes simply a peaceful surrender.

So why not change your life (and possibly even your death!) by learning the arts of Tao wisdom and Tantric Orgasm. You never know, it might just bring you immortality!



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How Erotic Dancing has Healed my Sexuality

erotic dance 6On my path of tantra and exploration, I have so often found that my greatest breakthroughs have been in the most surprising places. In fact, so often I discover a huge opening lies right behind a big wall of resistance or judgment. But when that wall comes down…well then the dam of energy that was caught up behind it begins to flow free once again.

Erotic dancing has been one of those surprises for me.

No, I didn’t go off and work as a stripper for a year. In fact, I don’t think I have ever even stepped inside a strip club in my life. Well actually, one night watching the Lady-boys in Bangkok…but I have never even seen inside a female strip club.

However, I have encountered many amazing women who teach the art of striptease, pole dance and erotic dancing as part of the alternative world of transformation, and I have had the joy and liberation to join a few. And the joy to share some of this work within my own workshops.

Is this so that women can learn to dance for men? No, not at all. This is so that women can awaken their energy and feel into their bodies even deeper, for themselves. So that women can love themselves again.

It is also about being seen: this is a big one as it is often our greatest fear and yet our deepest longing at the same time! Once we understand that paradox, we realize that the very parts of us that have been hidden away all these years are the very pieces that long to be seen and accepted exactly as they are.

And this is the healing.

So in a women’s workshop, when we use dance to heal, it has nothing to do with performance. To perform gives the idea to show off some great part of yourself or some great skill. In women’s workshops, this is not performance…this is about revealing.

The essential factors here are love, safety and trust. It is vital that the women feel connected to each other, have moved beyond judgment and comparison, love and honour each other and have taken time to build trust. These are all the reasons that I often wait until the end of a long workshop before I bring this piece in. It is like waiting for love and trust before you make love with a partner…then you know that you will be held in whatever arises from the experience.

erotic dance 1And each woman gets to stand before her sisters and have their loving support and guidance into which energy would most open her in this moment. They may find her costumes, make-up and the perfect piece of music. They create a space of deep presence and high reverence.

This is damn scary. Its terrifying. Just before you start to dance, your body often shakes with energy….the energy that is about to awaken. It can feel like total fear, but when you move that energy it becomes total awakening. It is the deepest alchemy in the presence of love.

As each woman feels into her hidden parts, the parts she has feared will be judged, the parts she has kept away from the light of the world…and she begins to move with them, breathe life into them, reveal them….there are no words to describe the deep and moving beauty of this revelation.

As you watch, you cannot help but love her. Her deepest vulnerability laid out before you; a gift that has no comparison.

And as you watch something awakens within you. You own deep hidden and rejected parts start to stir. As you love her, you are loving yourself. As you give her space, you are giving space to those parts within yourself. As you celebrate her totality, you awaken your own.

The beauty is indescribable.

i am the lost partFinally we realize we are lovable as we are. We see that we have been told to pretend to be someone we are not; told to push some image out into the world. And we remember that actually our deep essence, our embodied stories, our pain and vulnerability and longings and passions…these are the ingredients that make us the perfect mystery, loveable in our completeness. Loveable in our uniqueness. Loveable in the power of our vulnerability.

And this is how erotic dancing has healed my sexuality, and my psyche and core wounds and more!

When I first explored erotic dancing, I was married, in a nine-year monogamous relationship. It brought such new energy to our relating when I started to dance and explore the facets of femininity and sexuality within me. Suddenly I could bring so many different flavours of the feminine to my beloved. It re-energised our whole relationship.

As I said, I have never been to a strip club, and I imagine that they are far from this deep loving transformational space found in women’s workshops. It seems that erotic dance has become a commodity, bought for men’s pleasure…and no doubt, like many great things, the true essence has been squeezed out of it. Possibly in the ancient times, the tantric temple dancers (devadasis) were transmitting the energy in a way that is closer to this powerful alchemy.

So I cannot speak for the commercial world of erotic dance. But I do have immense gratitude for the sacred spaces we are creating, enabling life force energy to flow again in its freedom and nature and beauty.



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