Five things you need to know if you want to teach Tantra

Are you a conscious-living individual who is looking for the empowerment to facilitate Sexual Awakening, Tao Sexual Arts or Tantra through workshops?

Sex-EdMost of us grew up with a sexual education that was confusing, contradictory or even completely lacking. Often it was biologically-focused, perhaps some ethical “rules” thrown in, and most often the education did not explain how to actually navigate the tricky grounds of intimacy. And did anyone even hear a hint of how sexuality could be a sacred event?

In this wonderful time of rising global consciousness, the fields of sexual awakening, Tao and Tantra are on the increase. No longer a strange niche or a secret cult, workshops can be found in most major cities. It is not only for hippies and devoted seekers, but more and more people are questioning old relationship models and looking for ways to create a deeper and more loving experience.

Perhaps you have spent some time exploring such workshops? Or maybe you had a lover explored some sacred sexuality and conscious relating with you? Chances are, if you have had a taste of conscious sexuality in some form or other, you will eventually reach a time in which you want to share some of what you have learned with others.

The trouble is, although yoga teacher trainings are now a worldwide phenomenon, Tao and Tantra trainings are still relatively rare. In order to be able to really hold space for this kind of work, it is essential to have the right empowerment. Strong energy is known to move in these workshops, powerful emotions can arise…if you have not received a strong training, then you may find yourself in a situation you cannot handle.

Here are some of the things you need to know if you are considering becoming a Tantra teacher:

  1. You need to know how to hold space

It is usually not enough to have attended workshops to qualify to teach them. As a participant you are only accessing the work on the experiential level. You may then have the passion to share those experiences with others, but without knowing the secrets of holding space you can run into difficulty. Keep your eye on a soon-to-be-launched blog site artofholdingspace.com which will be specifically for workshop leaders on this subject!


  1. You need to know the background of Tantra and Taoism


shivshaktiTantra classes are often very rich in experience. However, a good tantra teacher also has a deep understanding of Tantric philosophy. If a teacher is only offering a series of experiences, then such a class may not even be “tantra”…it’s just an experience. Knowing the principles behind the system can guide a teacher in what they offer to their students.


  1. You need to know how to work with energy

Tantra is a very alive practice because it involves a strongly activated energy (called “Shakti”). Teaching tantra is not just about making your participants have a good time, but about knowing the steps and principles of energy awakening. Ancient systems have developed in which the practitioner can awaken their energy in a safe step-by-step way. A good tantra teacher understands energy, especially the potent sexual energy, and knows how to direct it for the rising of consciousness.

  1. You need to be able to give a transmission

Tantra is a special type of teaching in that a huge part of the teaching is via “transmission”. What this means is that it is more than mere information or knowledge being passed on from teacher to student. There is actually a transmission that is passed, like a spark that leaps from teacher to student. The teacher will have got this spark from their own teachers and also from their own practice. Not only do they need to posses the spark, but to understand how to pass it to their students.

  1. You need to understand how to work with clear boundaries

Facilitating workshops that work with sexual energy and intimacy is a delicate matter. Clear boundaries are essential if your students are to be served by your teaching. Sadly there are frequently stories of so-called Tantra teachers who lack clear boundaries, and leave a trail of confused or even violated students behind them. This need not ever happen. By understanding boundaries and learning to create them in your classes, you can build a strong trust with your students and a good reputation as a teacher.


You often meet many well-meaning people who wish to teach Tantra out of their own passion from what they have received. However, because of the fact they have not received the empowerment to teach, they often fall short of being able to really teach. This phenomenon is diluting the power of tantra workshops and may even give Tantra a bad name.

heartinfinite_finalAt Tao Tantric Arts we have developed programs, based upon three decades of teaching experience, to support individuals in their journey towards sharing with others. For some participants this may begin with attending a training just to deepen their own journey into Tao Tantra. For others, they have had enough experience to teach, but are seeking the empowerment and guidance on how to hold space.

The trainings are created with ample opportunities to practicing teaching itself, both one-to-one sessions and in small groups. This is with feedback so that you begin to learn how to teach. We also give detailed theory classes in Tao and Tantric principles. Energetics are taught in great detail, both theoretically and practically. There are daily Sexual Vitality Qigong classes so that all participants can have a strong living experience of energy activation. We also teach medical qigong, so that you can apply energy for healing purposes.

The one-month intensives are followed by a year-long program, and then the option to repeat the one-month program. This in itself gives the empowerment to start to share with others, if the student feels ready to do so. At Tao Tantric Arts we understand that every student is at their own level and moving at their own pace, and we work with each individual to help them recognize their own gift at each time.

We are not the only school offering Tao or Tantric Teacher Trainings, but we trust that we attract the right people in, those who would be served by this training! We always say “if you feel the calling, if you feel a deep inner yes…then this is for you!”

Follow your calling!

If you feel an inner yes, then please check out Tao Tantric Arts trainings for 2015.

We are currently taking registrations for the February 2015 training in Thailand.

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  1. ronjasebastian

    Thank you for this Shashi! Crystal clear and super important.

    And for everyone who is thinking of joining the teacher training… go for it! I took the training in April 2014 and it’s one of the best things I’ve done in my life.


  2. Bella

    Hi! Great post! I agree with all your points but I think my favourite is how to work with energy. Personally, I think energy is one of the most influential elements in Tantra. With little energy, the receiver or client may not receive our full potentials as tantra professionals. That being said, you have to enjoy and love the work you do as a basis of being a good professional. The enjoyment itself will create more positive energy you could imagine!

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