The healing power of love

soul love

I am grateful to all of the Lovers
Who have appeared
As pieces of the one consciousness
You have been witnesses
To dark parts within me
That wanted to be seen,
Just seen,
So that they may be healed
And laid to rest.

It was your willingness
To know my true nature;
Your willingness to allow my untruth to pass by
Without grasping it…
In that
You set me free.

May I always see the Truth that you are,
Even in the moments when you have forgotten.
May nothing more
Than my eyes of love
Heal those parts of you
Once cut off from the Source.

May I always see
The innocence of you
The innocence behind all words, acts and deeds.

May I always see the love
The love that you are
Or the love that you are calling out for
Even when the mask of hate
Shields the light.

May I always see your totality
Even when you are just showing a tiny piece.
In one tiny drop
May I see the ocean.

Let our vast souls meet,
Even when we are cramped into our limited personality.
Let us dance freely in the vast skies
Even when we feel bound to this earth.

For this is what it means to make love…


Transform your fears into love


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