Six ingredients of a deeply fulfilling life

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Being in a position in life in which I could choose from almost a limitless number of lifestyle choices, I have been asking myself recently…what lifestyle would support my highest evolution, my greatest ease and flow, my alignment with the Divine and my capacity for love?

I am in the process of experimentation.

Recently I have been inviting tantra teachers and inspiring beings from around the world to live together in villas or resorts in Thailand and Bali, with a shared creative project to work on. This has been showing us what are the elements of supreme tantric living, and I have distilled it down to six ingredients for a fulfilling life:

tantra sangha 101. Nature. This is a non-negotiable! Mother Earth feeds my body, heart and soul with lifeforce energy, she invites me into deep surrender, gives me moments of overflowing gratitude and bliss…to live in nature is an essential ingredient for my total wellbeing!

2. Community. Living together. Our Tantra Sangha. There is nothing like it. We are communal creatures, us humans. To rely upon only one other person (a lover/spouse) puts a lot of strain on that one relationship. To live in community gives a fullness and fluidity of connection. We are each other’s mirrors, supports, companions, reflections…and hey, doesn’t a sunset look even better when you have someone you love to share it with?

3. Sadhana. This is the Sanskrit word for one’s practice. A daily practice is like tuning in your radio dial each morning to the highest vibration. Around the world many people start their day with “oh my god, another day. Where’s my coffee…?”. But a good sadhana brings the start of the day into a deep resounding YES. I find that my practice is like moving an inner switch from personal-reality (with all its problems and issues) into oneness-reality, in which all is unfolding with ease and grace.

4. Creativity. Life feels good with a sense of purpose. Life is a pilgrimage, and a pilgrimage would feel scattered and chaotic without a sense of the destination. Yet we can also enjoy the walk every step of the way. Creativity is an unfolding. It is a way to give your gifts to the world. In fact this is probably the bottom line of happiness…are you giving your gift to the world?

5. Co-creativity. This gets it’s own category. Because when you put all the above points together: living in a stunning natural place with a community you resonate with, sharing your daily practice….then co-creation is almost inevitable. Once we are resonating with one another, all of our instruments have been tuned together…then we want to make beautiful music! Creating something together is immensely rewarding. It has its challenges, as several individuals step forward to merge into a whole always a few fears arise. But moving through those fears and challenges is so deeply rewarding, and creates more love in the world. And that, after all, is what its all about.

tantra sangha 56. Relating. Now so many of us want that deeply loving relationship for compete happiness. And no doubt a great relationship adds a lot to our wellbeing. However, if we get into a place of needing that to be there, then we may not enjoy the time we have without a personal relationship. If you live in a great community, with shared practices and creativities, then the need for a personal relationship for happiness is less. And so if one comes, it is enjoyed, but if it does not then one is still enjoying!! Find ways to enjoy all relationships, including that precious one you have alone with yourself. If you are already fulfilled then you come to personal relationships not with a begging bowl, but with an overflowing cup to share!

So those are the ingredients for my fulfillment. You of course may have a different recipe. It is worth taking a look into your own life and discover what elements support your wellbeing, joy, growth and love.

Once you know the underlying principles, your Fulfillment Principles, then it becomes effortless to make choices. You will start to choose only what aligns with your principles, bringing more capacity for love into your life.

What makes you happy?

If you want to make a New Year’s Resolution that will really serve your highest wellbeing, then why not work out your own Fulfillment Principles?

1. Think of all of the best periods of your life, when you were thriving on all levels.
2. Write down the underlying characteristics of each period. For example: were you in nature, or do you thrive in a city? Were you alone or do your thrive in community? Maybe you were best off with a balance…working in a city but taking regular breaks to the countryside. Just take note, behind the details, of the underlying factors.
3. Make your list of Fulfillment Principles.
4. Now for all of the decisions you have to make for the future, see which options most closely align your own set of Fulfillment Principles. It will become easy to make the choices which best serve your highest fulfillment!

Now resolve to say YES to that which serves your highest, so that 2015 becomes a year of taking care of your own wellbeing and happiness. May you have a deeply blessed year overflowing with joy, ease and grace!

tantra sangha 2

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  1. Leeby Geeby

    Great post. Yeah nature is key, I agree with that. It would go at the top of my list too. Developing assertion and a sense of fulfillment as a natural birthright is also important. The world being what it is means they certainly won’t be handed to us on a platter.

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