Claiming the joy of a tantric lifestyle

es vedra guitar sunset

(taken from a post I made on Facebook…it got so many likes and comments that I thought I would repost it here)

es vedra guitar sunsetI have a very enjoyable life.

It’s not because I’ve got lots of money. It’s not because someone gave me all I need. No one sponsored my life, no one gave me this lifestyle. I didn’t win the lottery. Nor did some man come along and give me everlasting love.

I chose it.

I choose it.

I choose to wake up and breathe into my heart (the source of the joy). I choose to find peace each morning to start my day from there. I wake up and read something inspiring from my kindle, I wake up and stretch/dance/shake until I feel the embodiment of joy. If I’m feeling heavy emotions I pick up my guitar and sing. I sing until I find the sweetness inside the pain or until I’m uplifted on the wings of divine vibration. I choose always to find the highest frequency available.

I choose to spend my time immersed in Mama Nature. I choose places of beauty and high vibrations. I choose to walk on the earth and sit on the clifftops.

The one I was waiting for to save me came. But not as a lover or as a sponsor or as a benefactor. He came as love. Pure loving presence. Consciousness. That which holds us. That which sources us. That which is within us. This was my salvation, and yours too if you choose.

Do not be jealous of those who seem to be living in great joy….they were not given anything that you cannot have. It is yours too. It is unlimited. It is true of all beings and not limited by any circumstance. It is available. Prayer is great way to ask for it. Meditation is a great way to receive it. Song is a great way to express it. Claim joy…It is your birthright.

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