The Biggest Block in Relationships


All of my deepest moments in life have been those in which I entered my true vulnerability. And the most powerful of all were the ones in which someone held the space for that…in other words someone witnessed my vulnerability …


The one thing I wish I had known about love

eye gazing

There is so much they didn’t teach us at school, and life becomes a trial-and-error playground as we try to work out how to live and to love. This means that so often it is through our mistakes that we …


What is Tantric Energetic Orgasm?

energy orgasm 1

Last night I experienced a mind-blowing full-body orgasmic experience that took me all the way into higher realms; known as “skydancing” in Tantra…and all without even taking off any clothes! I was being lightly caressed and lovingly held by several …


Is Tantra Becoming Another Consumer Product?

Mother-Earth goddess

Sometimes I see so much questionable stuff going on under the name of “Tantra” that I consider teaching under another name altogether. Yet the practices and meditations I practice and share actually come from Taoist and Tantric lineages, and I …


What Helps You Through Dark Times?

Last week I posted about a friend who took his own life during challenging times in his life. Since that post, many people have shared with me that they too have suffered huge challenging dark moments in their life, even suicidal …


Tantra Not Trauma: Is it Safe to Open?

neo tantra

Tantra is a bold and brave path. By its very nature, it embraces areas of our life that normally we would avoid or suppress. This is part of the healing of Tantra…to be able to embrace what has been blocked. …


How can Liver Cleansing Effect your Sexual Energy?


You may never have considered that the state of your liver can have an effect on your sexuality. However, In Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it has long been known that the liver controls the flow of sexual energy, …


How can Tantra help you Live your Soul’s Purpose?

Sometimes translated as “life purpose”, but actually that phrase doesn’t quite do it. Because life purpose always sounds like what we think of when we are asked: “and what do you want to do when you grow up?” Dharma is …


Mystics Making Love with the Divine

St Teresa of Avila

Anyone who spends much time with me will know that I love to read poetry of the mystics! I carry my Kindle at all times, for any moment can invite the possibility of a poem! Mystics are those who, in …


What blocks your process of transformation?

I live a large amount of my life in workshops. Teaching them and attending them…I like to experience it from both sides! I am constantly fascinated by the whole process of transformation…after all, that is why we even go to …