Are you Falling in Love in your Tantra Workshop?

breath of bliss

It is easy to fall in love in the Tantra world. Several times a day. Being caressed by a deeply present person. Eye gazing for endless minutes.Sitting in yab-yum with your bodies pressed up close feeling every breath.  Moving energy …


How can tantric orgasm help you stay young?


When I first entered Tantra I was 23 years young, and I  must admit that I was not so concerned about longevity. Now, as I embrace entering my 40’s (how did that happen?!) I am grateful to be practicing techniques …


How Erotic Dancing has Healed my Sexuality

erotic dance 6

On my path of tantra and exploration, I have so often found that my greatest breakthroughs have been in the most surprising places. In fact, so often I discover a huge opening lies right behind a big wall of resistance …


How I have survived polyamory


Polyamory…having more than one intimate relationship at a time. It is the new buzzword that finds its way around tantric communities (even though they are not the same thing). It’s quite common that those who are exploring sexuality often want …


The Orgasmic Nature of Existence

energy orgasm 1

I have written several articles about how the experience is to be in pure darkness for a solid week. However, I have not yet written about how the experience is to come out into the light after such a week. …


Meeting the Dark Goddess

In classical Tantra and Hinduism there is a wild dark goddess known as Kali Ma. She is often depicted dancing on Shiva’s corpse, swords in her hands and a wreath of bleeding heads around her neck. In Tantra she is …


Is God Actually Pure Darkness?

candle in the dark

I have just emerged from a week-long retreat in pure darkness 24 hours a day, which I co-facilitated with a shamanic healer called Luca Firewolf. During the retreat we followed some of the methods from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, a Tantric …


Seduction: is it just harmless fun?

tango seduction

Seduction: is it the work of the devil or just harmless fun? As a practitioner of Tao Tantra, what interests me as I walk my life’s path is energy. What happens energetically in different situations? What am I doing with …


Can a Broken Heart Teach us Unconditional Love?

jealousy 1

“This broken heart is your invitation to learn unconditional love, honey” the psychic informed me. “What? I have to learn unconditional love by letting him go? But I want to learn it by loving and being loved by him” I …


How can Grief open your Heart?

grief 3

I remember the day that I realised that grief is a form of love. I was walking in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo and I received a message that a dear friend had died in childbirth. After some moments of shock …