Recipe for Returning


This is a simple recipe for any time you feel disconnected and yearn to “return”.

Return to peace, Return to your true nature, Return to the Source. You can think of this recipe as a way to plug in, tune in and align yourself.



1. Nature

2. Aloneness

3. Silence

4. Time

Additional  ingredients (optional):

–  Qigong, yoga, tai chi, pranayama, meditation etc (this is the “cherry on top of the cake”!!)

–  Tent/ campervan (for the extended version)



1. Go alone into nature. Pick a place that creates a sense of expansion when you go there. Wild is good, but a park will do. Just check within yourself for that expanded feeling…

2. Facilitate deeper silence by: switching off phone, leaving iPod behind, not talking etc. The exception would be to chant some mantras, which  are designed to drop you into an even deeper silence.

3. Take time to BE here. The mind can get like a hamster wheel spinning fast in the modern life of internet and phones and socialising…this wheel takes some time to stop turning even after you have removed yourself from the stimulus (just as the hamster wheel spins a while after the hamster has got off). Walk, sit under a tree. Watch the spinning mind until it tires itself out…then watch as peace settles within you like a cloud of bliss.

4. You can catalyse the recipe by adding in your own extras such as yoga or qigong. But watch not to get “busy” with them! Use them to facilitate peace, not to avoid it!!!

5. For the extended version recipe, pitch a tent and sleep alone in nature. This makes for an extremely potent version!!! (A campervan will do nicely).

6. Repeat as often as necessary!

Once tuned in you can return to modern life once more, carrying the natural vibration with you and sharing it with the people you meet.

Tantric Interpretation:

This is the ultimate fusion of Shiva (silence) and Shakti (nature)! Silence is the masculine aspect of the recipe and nature the feminine. When they come together, then the ultimate union can occur. The union is a mystery that cannot be explained! There is nothing for it but to dive into nature and find out!!!

 the heart of the forest

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  1. Megan

    Within the last week or so, I sat on our back porch, watching as the sun slowly sank. The clouds marbled the sky, birds chirped and warbled, hopping from stone to fence post, to wire, then flew and carried on conversations. Eventually some bats swooped through, darting and tumbling. The birds disappeared for the night and the sun did too.

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