How it feels when my energy body becomes activated


lightbodyactivationI’m having some sort of epic kundalini activation…it kept me awake many hours! (The die-hard optimist in me is hoping that all of my strange blood circulation symptoms this past month were just a part of this re-calibration!)

I feel energy surging into the bottom of my feet…even when I’m lying down, I’m being penetrated by the Earth Shakti in pulses of ecstatic life force!
 It’s shimmering up my legs and my thighs…oh my thighs…the backs of my thighs. The flesh here is shimmering in blissful aliveness, turned on by the very act of being alive.
It’s cascades up my thighs and into my buttock flesh and whoever is responsible for telling women to model themselves on anorexic models made of flesh-starved bones must be part of the anti-ecstatic conspiracy…because flesh, or rather the Shakti in the flesh is Divine incarnate!
My sacrum is humming so hard that I swear if you put your ear to it you’d hear music! It’s channelling into the tailbone and pouring up the spine in floods of hot liquid molten gold. It’s like angelic volcano lava flowing against gravity…I can’t explain it any other way! It’s just wow.
The sacred curve from bottom crease to clitoris is so activated that it’s bathed in sexual energy. Not a sexual energy that needs anything (not even sex!) but a completely fulfilled sexual energy. And it all pours inwards into my sacred temple within and merged into the womb space where some kind of spiritual union with all that is seems to be happening.
And my yoni wants to take in the world. As if sucking up a cherry off a plate, she feels like sucking the whole globe inside her! The whole green and blue ball! It must be some deep yearning to make love to the earth; to merge with the whole world. Energy rising up from the earth and passion flowing down to the earth.
And my whole body shimmers in this electric ecstasy. My belly, my beloved belly that I, like so many of my sisters, have wasted countless moments disliking and wishing it gone, and yet as energy moves through my body, my belly is a whirlpool of delicate bliss. A deep surging of pure freedom and creative expression is sourced right here. My passion stirs here. Why oh why are so so taught to reject our dear bodies when they are actually the fabric of divine force?
And let’s not forget the heart. As energy surges upwards, it pulses into my heart in heat waves of tangible love. Relentless love. Reasonless love. Love for the pure sake of love.
And here it crystallises into the sacred geometry light structures of my breasts. Love is pouring into them; through them. My breasts are the part of me where I most feel the light matrix of my energy body. There are spirals of geometrical multi dimensional light structures vibrating with the sound of pure love.
I love my breasts. When they are activated with energy, I can see them like an Alex Grey painting. All those hours of breast massage are paying off (though they paid off at the time!). I love it when lovers see beyond the physical structure and can feel and sense this incredible light matrix…because then we are going into the pure love, moving real love, making real love. (Guys, please sensitise yourselves to energy, to Shakti…you don’t know what you’re missing and we can’t even begin until we can meet there!!! Thank you! It’s a win-win situation, I promise!)
And I lie for hours through the full moon night just watching energy pour as love through these breast light structures. It’s really the most beautiful thing. And in this moment I wish for all beings to experience this…to just know that they are made of pure love. To know that it’s not limited by shape or size or any other kind if physical limitation…you are made of pure love. It is God manifesting as light that creates pure love….you are that! What a miracle!
And my whole body from toe tips to crown is gently shimmering. It’s like a super slow-motion orgasm…so slow it’s not like it’s moving through, it’s just being within. Every in-breath is an ecstatic birth; every exhale a complete surrendered let go. The reality of life is right there, right in front of us all along. We are it.
shashi lightAnd in gratitude to this stunning transformation. I feel the cocoon of old cracking away as the new vibration of light emerges through. I’m watching my own rebirth. It’s a miracle. Surges of passion and desire that were once locked up inside frustration are finally emerging as new life! Let us always remember that out frustration is only the pressure of pushing up against the inside if an egg shell until there’s enough pressure to crack it away. Frustration is our own light trying to awaken!
And I’m lying in bed in ecstasy as if making love to all that is, but in total peace and tranquility. Gratitude gratitude gratitude. Jai Shakti Ma!

I should just contextualise that I have just spent one week doing Taoist Sexual Arts, which includes a lot of shaking, qigong, energy healing, meditation and other forms of energy activation! Together with 27 other women in a location in lush nature, we are returning to our deep connection to Mother Earth, offering our practices to Highest Consciousness.

Join me on teacher trainings for women to awaken the energy body and align our sexuality, love and spirit and share that with the world on our mission of love.

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