How can tantric orgasm help you stay young?


agingWhen I first entered Tantra I was 23 years young, and I  must admit that I was not so concerned about longevity. Now, as I embrace entering my 40s (how did that happen?!) I am grateful to be practicing techniques that bring me a constant flow of life force energy and vitality. I feel more alive and youthful every year, yet with a wisdom that only time and experience can bring. A potent combination!

Tantra, and most especially Tao Tantra the branch of sexual energy healing from ancient China, has many secrets to offer around longevity and vitality. And the great news is, it’s not just about adding a few more years onto your life-clock…it is about upping the levels of aliveness right here and now, restoring your energy to a quality and quantity that you enjoyed in your youthful years, as well as developing a connection to the immortal part of our being!

How can that be possible?

Have you ever heard that sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll can age you? Well, indeed Tao Tantra would agree that normally these activities will drain your battery reserves of life-force energy (thought to be stored in the kidneys/ adrenals). It is all to do with the stimulation: the more stimulating something is, the more life force energy it burns out.

Unless you learn the secrets of inner alchemy.

With mastery of these practices, we can enter stimulating activity without burning up our reserves, and in fact you can use the energy from these experiences to build more reserves, more vitality and more lifeforce.

Sound good?

So what exactly is this alchemy and how do we master it?

The alchemy is based on the law of yin and yang, the fusion of opposites. In the case of stimulation, the secret is to bring the opposite quality to meet it: relaxation. Usually we habitually contract around stimulation, which can have the effect of enhancing the feeling, but also creates stress and tension.

Now these energetic laws apply whether we are sitting on a roller-coaster, running an exhilarating business, or experiencing an orgasm…but as Tao Tantra uses Orgasm as a way to learn these arts, I will use this as the example.

Often as people feel sexually stimulated, they contract their muscles in response. This creates a local build-up of sexual sensation, but eventually the body cannot hold it anymore, and it is released in an explosive orgasm, also known as a tension-release orgasm.

This can feel like a great relief, but at the cost of your energy reserves and vitality. Especially for men who ejaculate with this release…then there is a physical loss as well as the energetic loss. When we are adolescent we can have more of this kind of orgasm without noticing detrimental effect as we have large reserves to draw upon. But as people age, they begin to notice that sex can drain them and leave them feeling empty.

yellow-emperor-ch2in1The Tao Tantric secrets were taught many centuries ago to the Yellow Emperor by his three wise courtesans, who gave him the means by which to gain the energy required to run a kingdom. Sexual energy, when harnessed, can actually build power and help us to complete our life purpose and offer our creativity to the world. After all, sexual energy is creative energy. You can create a child with it, or you can channel it towards your creative projects in the world.

Tao Tantra teaches full body orgasms, and the way to reach there is by meeting sexual energy with a meditative relaxation and presence. One expands to meet this energy rather than contracting. At first this feels very counter-intuitive to those who are used to contracting, but after a while you can begin to experience huge flows of tremendous energy throughout the whole body. Orgasm starts to energize you instead of draining you.

The switch from one to the other does not happen overnight. In fact Tao Tantra offers a full spectrum of practices to be performed to prepare the body, open the energy channels and purify old stuck energy before experiencing full body orgasm. In fact it can sometimes be harmful or overwhelming to raise strong energy without preparing the body first.

So one aspect of gaining vitality and youthful qualities is in developing the full-body orgasm. The other part of the arts that is related to longevity is known as the “Core Channel”…this is the more spiritual aspect, and is related to discovering our immortal Self.

core channel

painting by Alex Grey

In Tao Tantric Arts, the energy which is moved is eventually drawn into the core channel, which is like a hollow tube between the perineum and the crown of the head. This channel is sometimes called “the immortal body” and is said to connect us to our true nature, the light that is the source of our whole existence. It is God within. It is a core of pure presence. Being God-Consciousness, it is immortal. It is the unchanging part within us, in an ever-changing universe. It is known to the be source of true peace.

By drawing all energy back to the core time and time again, we begin to draw energy inwards instead of just sending it outwards on our external life. This is why it is encouraged to meditate after love-making or other peak experiences, allowing for integration of energy into the core. In this way, we do not spend all of our lifeforce energy in external experiences, but begin to use energy to cultivate a deep core of pure presence.

This core builds over time, and begins to offer practitioners a new identity. Rather than being only identified with external experiences and personality, the practitioner starts to experience a deep core of eternal peace. This is known as one’s “true nature”, or “the Tao”. As it builds we become less reactive to external circumstances and more deeply rooted in a peace that cannot be disturbed.

This true nature is immortality itself. It is the part of us that is true to all beings. It is transpersonal. It is source, the source of all life. It often feels like a light within, though it is also beyond the duality of light and dark.

Once we have awakened the core, we can then choose to create from the core rather than from personal reactive energy. It is called “source-creation” and many spiritual arts are based on how to sing, dance, speak or act from this true core. When we can make that alignment, then action becomes effortless and our creation is in alignment with divine creation. The Taoists call it “The art of effortless unfolding”. If you can create from the Source, then you will no longer burn up your own life force energy and will find you are living in peace, gentleness and effortless creativity. You will have endless energy as life’s energy flows directly through you and into the world. In it’s perfection, it is the end of all stress!

So all of this from Tantric Orgasm! As you can see, it is not just about having more pleasure, but it is about facilitating a powerful spiritual shift that can change the whole way that you live your life. It is of course not that your body will never die, but that hopefully by the time you are on your deathbed, you are so much aligned to your core true self that letting go of the transient personal self becomes simply a peaceful surrender.

So why not change your life (and possibly even your death!) by learning the arts of Tao wisdom and Tantric Orgasm. You never know, it might just bring you immortality!



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