Say the word “Tantra” and most people think of orgies. Certainly there were ancient Tantric cultures hundreds of years ago who enjoyed an open and free sexuality, as we can see from some Indian temple carvings. However, in the modern era Tantra mostly addresses modern issues such as how to rekindle the love in your relationship, how to free up blocked energy, ways to explore sexuality with your loved one, and how to access higher states of consciousness. In all of Shashi’s classes and workshops, a safe space is held in which the opening is into our inner world rather than pushing external boundaries.
In Tantra there are some meditations that are practiced with a partner. However, there are also many tools that are used by the individual. In fact some ancient schools of Tantra encouraged walking one’s own path of growth for some time before engaging into intimate relationship. Tantra has something for you wherever you are at in your life.
Free love and spirituality are certainly enjoyed by many “hippies”, however Tantra is much more broad than that! It has a lot to offer many types of people, and increasingly professional people are turning to Tantra to find ways to nourish their intimate life and bring more love and energy into their lifestyle. Pretty much everyone, in all walks of life, has relationships. We are social animals. Thus we have relationship challenges and issues to work through and Tao Tantra gives us the tools.
Open relationships (polyamory) and Tantra are different things that often coincide within the same circles. However, they are not synonymous. You can choose what works best for you, your partner and your relationship. The important thing is what container is needed to hold the space of love and growth between you. This is unique for every couple.
Not at all! It is a fully holistic path, that holds sexual energy at the root of life (it is where we all came from). However, it is not the sole focus. Tao Tantra also gives us practices for opening the heart and bringing more love into our life. And the overriding focus of Tantra is a spiritual system that enables us to feel interconnected with all that is, and feel one with the universe.
Tantra has something for everyone. It is a holistic system that empowers us to be more open to life itself. Thus it works with us at the level we are on. If you have sexual problems, you can work there. If you feel low on energy and enthusiasm for life, you can work with your energy body. If you long for connection and touch, you can work with desire. If you feel your heart shut down, you can work on the level of the heart and love. If you have a lot of rows with your partner, you can pick up communication tools and emotional processing methods. If you feel separate and cut off from a higher truth, you can work on the spiritual level. If you relate, then Tao Tantra can support you in using your relationships as a vehicle for growth.