How can you avoid abuse in Tantra?

from Buddhadharma Magazine

One thing that always upsets me is abuse. Abuse is when someone takes advantage of another person who is in a more vulnerable position. They abuse their power over someone else. There are many forms of misuse of power in …


Are you Falling in Love in your Tantra Workshop?

breath of bliss

It is easy to fall in love in the Tantra world. Several times a day. Being caressed by a deeply present person. Eye gazing for endless minutes.Sitting in yab-yum with your bodies pressed up close feeling every breath.  Moving energy …


Tantra Not Trauma: Is it Safe to Open?

neo tantra

Tantra is a bold and brave path. By its very nature, it embraces areas of our life that normally we would avoid or suppress. This is part of the healing of Tantra…to be able to embrace what has been blocked. …


Should Tantra be Regulated?

tantra workshop 2

When you hear about Tantra, people often fear that they will end up in orgies or being taken advantage of by a teacher or therapist. Could I tell you, hand on my heart, that this would never happen? Well, no …


Five things you need to know if you want to teach Tantra

Are you a conscious-living individual who is looking for the empowerment to facilitate Sexual Awakening, Tao Sexual Arts or Tantra through workshops? Most of us grew up with a sexual education that was confusing, contradictory or even completely lacking. Often …


What are we learning in Tantra workshops?

There are many misconceptions about Tantra workshops…what they are for, what goes on, what one is expected to do! Often it seems people are afraid that they will be expected to cross boundaries that they are not ready for, when …