How can you avoid abuse in Tantra?

from Buddhadharma Magazine

One thing that always upsets me is abuse. Abuse is when someone takes advantage of another person who is in a more vulnerable position. They abuse their power over someone else. There are many forms of misuse of power in …

How could tantric massage boost your relationship?

tantra massage couple

I used to think Tantric Massage was only for professionals who want to offer sexological bodywork to clients for a living. However, then I discovered it has another incredible potential that not so many people consider. It is an absolutely amazing …


How it feels when my energy body becomes activated


I’m having some sort of epic kundalini activation…it kept me awake many hours! (The die-hard optimist in me is hoping that all of my strange blood circulation symptoms this past month were just a part of this re-calibration!) I feel …


How Erotic Dancing has Healed my Sexuality

erotic dance 6

On my path of tantra and exploration, I have so often found that my greatest breakthroughs have been in the most surprising places. In fact, so often I discover a huge opening lies right behind a big wall of resistance …


The Orgasmic Nature of Existence

energy orgasm 1

I have written several articles about how the experience is to be in pure darkness for a solid week. However, I have not yet written about how the experience is to come out into the light after such a week. …


Seduction: is it just harmless fun?

tango seduction

Seduction: is it the work of the devil or just harmless fun? As a practitioner of Tao Tantra, what interests me as I walk my life’s path is energy. What happens energetically in different situations? What am I doing with …


How can Liver Cleansing Effect your Sexual Energy?


You may never have considered that the state of your liver can have an effect on your sexuality. However, In Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it has long been known that the liver controls the flow of sexual energy, …


Are you Addicted to Climax?


Tantric sex. There’s a lot of hype about it. Most people have an idea that its sex that goes on and on. Others have heard that there is no ejaculation. However, not so many people know that it is a whole new reprogramming of the way we handle sexual energy.


Opening a Woman

orgasmic woman

Everywhere I go on the Tantra scene, I find the same phenomenon: a handful of men who are proudly proclaiming to be  “opening women up”. What this usually means is that they are offering women yoni massage (sexual massage) and …


What is tantra massage, really?

tantra massage 2

Just like the word Tantra, there are many misunderstandings and misuses of the term “tantra massage”. In many minds this conjures up instantly a massage with a “happy ending”, or in other words a sexual release. Of course there are …