Do you need to be loved to love yourself?

hands on heart

We are all familiar with the phrase: “You must first love yourself before you can love another”. There seems to be a lot of sense in it. Yet, we also know that being loved by another helps you to love yourself. …

How could tantric massage boost your relationship?

tantra massage couple

I used to think Tantric Massage was only for professionals who want to offer sexological bodywork to clients for a living. However, then I discovered it has another incredible potential that not so many people consider. It is an absolutely amazing …

How can you create a peaceful relationship?

Peaceful relationships

Many people in the world are waking up and becoming more conscious. Every year I return to the West and am delighted to see more yoga, more recycling, more meditation and so on weaving its way into the mainstream. As …


How I have survived polyamory


Polyamory…having more than one intimate relationship at a time. It is the new buzzword that finds its way around tantric communities (even though they are not the same thing). It’s quite common that those who are exploring sexuality often want …


Can a Broken Heart Teach us Unconditional Love?

jealousy 1

“This broken heart is your invitation to learn unconditional love, honey” the psychic informed me. “What? I have to learn unconditional love by letting him go? But I want to learn it by loving and being loved by him” I …


How can Grief open your Heart?

grief 3

I remember the day that I realised that grief is a form of love. I was walking in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo and I received a message that a dear friend had died in childbirth. After some moments of shock …


The Biggest Block in Relationships


All of my deepest moments in life have been those in which I entered my true vulnerability. And the most powerful of all were the ones in which someone held the space for that…in other words someone witnessed my vulnerability …


The one thing I wish I had known about love

eye gazing

There is so much they didn’t teach us at school, and life becomes a trial-and-error playground as we try to work out how to live and to love. This means that so often it is through our mistakes that we …


What blocks your process of transformation?

I live a large amount of my life in workshops. Teaching them and attending them…I like to experience it from both sides! I am constantly fascinated by the whole process of transformation…after all, that is why we even go to …


Three Keys to Handling "Polypartnering" at Tantra Events

tantra fest leela 2

At Tantra Festivals we have the opportunity to connect with many different partners (“polypartnering”). This can bring great freedom…but it can also bring great challenges. In this article I give three keys to creating a positive polypartneing experience…