Can you be TOO open?

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There seems to be a part within all of us that longs to open up more. Whether we desire a more open and flexible body, or to feel more courageous and do new things. Possibly you wish you took more …


Claiming the joy of a tantric lifestyle

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(taken from a post I made on Facebook…it got so many likes and comments that I thought I would repost it here) I have a very enjoyable life. It’s not because I’ve got lots of money. It’s not because someone …


How I have survived polyamory


Polyamory…having more than one intimate relationship at a time. It is the new buzzword that finds its way around tantric communities (even though they are not the same thing). It’s quite common that those who are exploring sexuality often want …


How can Tantra help you Live your Soul’s Purpose?

Sometimes translated as “life purpose”, but actually that phrase doesn’t quite do it. Because life purpose always sounds like what we think of when we are asked: “and what do you want to do when you grow up?” Dharma is …


Three Keys to Handling "Polypartnering" at Tantra Events

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At Tantra Festivals we have the opportunity to connect with many different partners (“polypartnering”). This can bring great freedom…but it can also bring great challenges. In this article I give three keys to creating a positive polypartneing experience…


Seven ways to become a Tantric Goddess

Kuan Yin reclining

One of the characteristics of Tantra as a spiritual path is that it highly venerates the feminine. In contrast to so many spiritualities and religions that see the feminine principle as a hindrance to enlightenment, a distraction or even as …


Polyamory versus Monogamy

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The new trendy word in conscious sexuality circles is “polyamory”, referring to people who are open to having more than one lover at a time. It has become increasingly common to hear discussions of polyamory versus monogamy…this is the new …


Six ingredients of a deeply fulfilling life

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Have you ever stopped to ask what supports your most fulfilling life experience? These are my top six steps to fulfilment and a quick guide to help you find yours….