What blocks your process of transformation?

I live a large amount of my life in workshops. Teaching them and attending them…I like to experience it from both sides! I am constantly fascinated by the whole process of transformation…after all, that is why we even go to …


Seven ways to become a Tantric Goddess

Kuan Yin reclining

One of the characteristics of Tantra as a spiritual path is that it highly venerates the feminine. In contrast to so many spiritualities and religions that see the feminine principle as a hindrance to enlightenment, a distraction or even as …


Should Tantra be Regulated?

tantra workshop 2

When you hear about Tantra, people often fear that they will end up in orgies or being taken advantage of by a teacher or therapist. Could I tell you, hand on my heart, that this would never happen? Well, no …


Are you Addicted to Climax?


Tantric sex. There’s a lot of hype about it. Most people have an idea that its sex that goes on and on. Others have heard that there is no ejaculation. However, not so many people know that it is a whole new reprogramming of the way we handle sexual energy.


Five things you need to know if you want to teach Tantra

Are you a conscious-living individual who is looking for the empowerment to facilitate Sexual Awakening, Tao Sexual Arts or Tantra through workshops? Most of us grew up with a sexual education that was confusing, contradictory or even completely lacking. Often …


What is tantra massage, really?

tantra massage 2

Just like the word Tantra, there are many misunderstandings and misuses of the term “tantra massage”. In many minds this conjures up instantly a massage with a “happy ending”, or in other words a sexual release. Of course there are …


Desire: Awakening or Addiction?

Tantra is sometimes known as the path of awakening through desire. Unlike many paths which seek to suppress or avoid desire in order to awaken, Tantra gives methods to awaken through desire. Note: Tantra gives methods. It is not enough …


Taoism in a Nutshell

What is a spiritual system? I see it as a kind of map which we can use to navigate Reality and guide our way through life. Just as there are different kind of maps, there are different metaphysical systems. They …


Sexual Healing

How can sexual energy be used to break old habits and patterns?   “I want Sexual Healing Sexual Healing, oh baby  Makes me feel so fine”   Marvin Gaye coined the term, and many of us have sang along in …


How can you embody spirituality?

Many people long for more meaning and depth in their lives, but don’t want to go live in a mountaintop monastery to find it. That’s where Tao & Tantra fit in so well, and perhaps one of the reasons sacred …