How it feels when my energy body becomes activated


I’m having some sort of epic kundalini activation…it kept me awake many hours! (The die-hard optimist in me is hoping that all of my strange blood circulation symptoms this past month were just a part of this re-calibration!) I feel …


Meeting the Dark Goddess

In classical Tantra and Hinduism there is a wild dark goddess known as Kali Ma. She is often depicted dancing on Shiva’s corpse, swords in her hands and a wreath of bleeding heads around her neck. In Tantra she is …


Is God Actually Pure Darkness?

candle in the dark

I have just emerged from a week-long retreat in pure darkness 24 hours a day, which I co-facilitated with a shamanic healer called Luca Firewolf. During the retreat we followed some of the methods from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, a Tantric …


What is Tantric Energetic Orgasm?

energy orgasm 1

Last night I experienced a mind-blowing full-body orgasmic experience that took me all the way into higher realms; known as “skydancing” in Tantra…and all without even taking off any clothes! I was being lightly caressed and lovingly held by several …


Is Tantra Becoming Another Consumer Product?

Mother-Earth goddess

Sometimes I see so much questionable stuff going on under the name of “Tantra” that I consider teaching under another name altogether. Yet the practices and meditations I practice and share actually come from Taoist and Tantric lineages, and I …


Mystics Making Love with the Divine

St Teresa of Avila

Anyone who spends much time with me will know that I love to read poetry of the mystics! I carry my Kindle at all times, for any moment can invite the possibility of a poem! Mystics are those who, in …


Seven ways to become a Tantric Goddess

Kuan Yin reclining

One of the characteristics of Tantra as a spiritual path is that it highly venerates the feminine. In contrast to so many spiritualities and religions that see the feminine principle as a hindrance to enlightenment, a distraction or even as …


The Shiva Shakti Confusion

shiva shakti 3

Tantra is a path that works with dualities in order to find unity consciousness. The duality of Shiva and Shakti is a principle to help us find the highest form of the masculine and feminine…however it can also trip us up. When we start to confuse the terms with all things masculine and feminine or with men and women themselves, we lose this precious spiritual vehicle of transcendence and can fall instead into confusion….


Entering the Gateway of Fear

Remember a time in your life when you reached a moment that was like a doorway that said “Fear” on it? A moment where you became shaky and energy started to bubble in the depths of your belly…. What did …


Enlightenment is not a solo job!

Many years ago I used to think that the journey of waking up was a solo job. That “I” had to become enlightened, and not only that but to be more enlightened than most other people. But once you start …