Can you be TOO open?

open closed lotus

There seems to be a part within all of us that longs to open up more. Whether we desire a more open and flexible body, or to feel more courageous and do new things. Possibly you wish you took more …


How Erotic Dancing has Healed my Sexuality

erotic dance 6

On my path of tantra and exploration, I have so often found that my greatest breakthroughs have been in the most surprising places. In fact, so often I discover a huge opening lies right behind a big wall of resistance …


Three Keys to Handling "Polypartnering" at Tantra Events

tantra fest leela 2

At Tantra Festivals we have the opportunity to connect with many different partners (“polypartnering”). This can bring great freedom…but it can also bring great challenges. In this article I give three keys to creating a positive polypartneing experience…


Entering the Gateway of Fear

Remember a time in your life when you reached a moment that was like a doorway that said “Fear” on it? A moment where you became shaky and energy started to bubble in the depths of your belly…. What did …


Naked Innocence

Nudity. It’s been one of the themes of this summer. There has been a bountiful ease of clotheslessness!   Perhaps because this was one of Europe’s finest summers in a long time…sunshine certainly helps! And perhaps also because of spending …


Recipe for Returning

This is a simple recipe for any time you feel disconnected and yearn to “return”. Return to peace, Return to your true nature, Return to the Source. You can think of this recipe as a way to plug in, tune …