About tao tantra

Sex, love, relating, spirituality…who doesn’t have questions about one or more of these topics?

Tao Tantra is a multi-faceted path that answers such questions using ancient time-tested wisdom. Even though tantric texts date back thousand of years, and Taoism’s wisdom seems as old as the mountains….there are maps of reality here that can help you to navigate along life’s path with joy, ease and grace.

Why I have chosen these paths is because they accept desire, passion, love and life and use them as pathways of awakening. I spent so long with a burning spiritual yearning within me, trying to escape life to fulfil it! Then I found Tao and Tantra and discovered the meeting of apparent opposites. Not only the meeting, but a divine union!

If you feel any sense of conflict or contradiction in your life, then these pathways may be for you. They offer a sense of resolution, and not only resolving conflict but taking us deeper into bliss! The bliss of our true nature!

This site contains blogs by Shashi on a wide range of topics related to Tao Tantra. She also offers teacher trainings every year for those who are ready to go deeper.

“Shashi is like an embodiment of the Divine Mother Earth.
As a teacher, she is very supportive, experienced, knowledgeable and joyful. As a woman, very charming, juicy, caring and compassionate!”

 -Shizuka, Japan
“I have been so blesssed to have been on a trantra course with Shashi at the beginning of this year…it was not planned but it turned out to be the best gift I ever gave to myself! It changed my life as a man and the way I relate to women.”

– Johnny, France

 “I recently attended Shashi’s  workshop. Not only did I have a brilliant time as Shashi’s natural ‘joie de vivre’ is contagious, but I learned, healed and integrated at a phenomenal rate in those 3 weeks. The depth of knowledge, wisdom and integrity that she transmits is truly impressive. I came away feeling inspired and empowered like never before. Thank you !!!”

– Marian, UK


Shashi Solluna

Shashi is an international teacher of Taoist Sacred Sexuality and Tantra.

Her journey began with a degree in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, which she followed with a quest to find Universal Truth in the great spiritual land of India. This quest took her from ashrams to temples, caves to mountaintops…from healing to meditation, yoga and satsang.


Upon recognizing the ultimate true nature in the presence of a Zen master, Shashi began to ask new questions: how can we allow this truth, that is our very nature, to unfold into creativity? How to let each word, each action, each aspect of our life resonate with the vibration of highest truth? How can we live this truth in each detail of life…most especially in our intimate relationships? This question led her to Tantra and Tao.

Shashi has been an Osho Sanyassin since the year 2000 and has also trained with Master Mantak Chia. She has also trained with Agama Yoga as a Tantra Facilitator. Her teaching is thus a combination of energy practices, meditations, dance, therapy and qigong.


Tantric Jade Egg Practices        DVD

Instructional DVD for women: Shashi explains and demonstrates the ancient Taoist meditations and practices using a Jade Egg: to heal, clear and awaken the yoni. This crystal healing tool was used thousands of years ago by the women of the royal court to learn the mysteries of sexual energetics, mastered in the Taoist system. It is a gentle, meditative form of practice.

DVDs and Jade Eggs are available at the online store at www.taospiral.com