Love, Fear, Relating

embraceBeloved Lover,

There are fears deep within me.

Let those fears not create controlling patterns.

May I not create a contract based upon bonds of fear, turning our relationship into a bondage of limitation.

But rather may I find empowered ways to express those fears,

And beloved please only hear, only listen;

I do not ask you to fix me.

I do not ask to modify your behavior nor censor yourself away from your highest truth in response to my fears.

I ask you not to take responsibility nor feel guilty for my fears…they are merely the ancestral baggage I carry and am on the path of releasing.

But dear lover, if you see or hear my fears, please have loving compassion upon them.

They are not who I am and yet I carry them in this life until they are loved and forgiven and released.

So let us hold our fears, mine and your own, in our loving embrace. They are no different from a frightened child, so let us embrace them and love them until they melt, release and let go. May all fear return to love.

And may our relationship be a haven for healing, for as we heal ourselves we heal the world.

In the name of Love. Thank you.

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  1. alfdisr

    Dear Shashi!

    Every post you’ve written and I’ve read resounds like a never ending bell chime, and this is no exception.

    In humble gratitude.

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