Heal Sexual Past Trauma
and Reach the Highest Levels
of Joy in your Sex Life

Enjoy Free-flowing Sexuality by using these Ancient Tantric Secrets with an Exclusive Online Video Therapy


Find out all you need to know about Full-Body Energy Orgasm

An introduction to the tantric phenomena known as the “energy orgasm”, the “full body orgasm” or the “multiple orgasm”.

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Learn More About Shashi

Shashi is a leader in the arts of Taoist Sexual Arts and Tantra. These art forms are about healing suppressions of our natural life force energy. She guides and empowers people to activate their root sexual-creative energy and facilitate it flowing through the body and energy system. This brings an awakened vitality, a flowing creativity and a sense of connection to the Universe.

How can you access the hidden secrets of Tao and Tantra and use them to enliven your life?


Sex to Spirit is a groundbreaking movie that looks behind the scenes in the world of Tantra. We follow one man from his life as a stockbroker in London, as he gives up everything he knows and has to embark onto the path of Tantra.


Train in Tao Tantra. Immerse yourself into a journey exploring your sexuality, sensuality, energy, relationship dynamics, capacity to love, and spirituality.


Want to start your own tantric practice at home? Download one of our free online video series, or sign up to be one of the first to receive a copy of Shashi’s book “Tantra: discover the journey from sex to spirit”. Women can try a jade egg for their own healing and activation of energy.


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Carrie Stiles

Wow! What a journey. I’m deeply grateful to Shashi and Minke for bringing heaven-to-earth, embodying the divine feminine and holding pure space for the highest healing love. I have been greatly empowered as a woman, practitioner and space holder through their offerings.

August 30, 2016

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Supriya Ermione

I love doing Tantra course with Shashi ’cause It is a Life Style, we don’t do a course: we live tantra together! I walk on My Way with open heart and Light on My Head! Recommended!

August 30, 2016

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Naomi Love

I am so thankful I followed my heart to attend a month long training with Shashi in Bali… I’ve been studying and practicing the healing arts for over twenty years and this program was a game changer. My life has changed, my practice has deepened and I feel forever grateful for the deep healing I received and how that depth that embodiment changed my work and offerings. This program gave me exactly what was missing from my work, it inspired the deep remembering of the sacred feminine, and filled in the missing links that have now made my work and offerings more juicy and more profound than ever before. Thank you, I am forever grateful.

August 30, 2016

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